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Jeanne Johnson is a 30+ year veteran of the real estate business. She began her career as a closer and Realtor®, then became a title abstractor, title examiner, and once again Realtor®. With a passion for real estate, she began to teach and write courses based on her depth of experience. She has been Education Chair for the MN Land Title Assoc. and the National Assoc of Land Title Examiners and Abstractors. She taught for the American Land Title Association and has written courses for Dearborn Real Estate Education, 360 Training, CE Network, and others. She is a Licensed Education Provider for Minnesota and holds both the Certified Distance Education Instructor (CDEI) Designation and Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) Certification. She has a passion for real estate and thoroughly enjoys working with students as they advance their careers.

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Jeanne Johnson

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Jeanne is your subject matter expert with more than 30 years of real estate experience in a variety of roles:
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Real Estate Closer
  • Licensed Abstractor
  • Title Insurance Underwriter
  • Title Examiner

Online Real Estate Classes

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We offer Minnesota 8-hour Principles Of Closing – Pre-license Closing Agent Course and Professional Development Courses for the Property Records Industry – Abstractors, Recorders & Real Estate Professionals

Landrecs House

                 Principles of Closing                   (MN Pre-license)

This course is the State approved pre-license course that  includes 8 hours of course study, the ability to print  the closing manual, and the final examination required by the state. The exam requires a proctor, a disinterested 3rd party, who signs a statement saying  you did not use books, notes, etc., to look up answers when taking the examination.

Public Land Survey System (PLSS).

Reading and Drawing Legal Descriptions

Learn to follow simple and complex legal descriptions on a survey or map. Draw metes and bounds legal descriptions from written text and identify possible gaps and overlaps. Recognize valid descriptions for condominiums, townhouses, common interest communities,  timeshares and cooperatives.

Minnesota Notary Training

Minnesota Notary Training

Here you will learn about the laws, rules, responsibilities, and standards of practice for being a commissioned notary public, as well as tips on how to handle various situations. This is a critical course for Minnesota notaries to understand their role, and limitations as a professional notary or signing agent. The content covers traditional notarization, electronic notarization and remote online notarization.

Land Records, Abstracting and Searching (MN Midwest) class ID 8976

Land Records, Abstracting and Searching MN/Midwest

Gain a solid working knowledge of MN/Midwest abstracting. Identify and search the eight needed public offices and their indices,  recognize name searches. This class features  material outlined on  the MN state abstractor licensing examinations!

National Searching

Land Records, Abstracting and Searching  (National)

Learn the nuts and bolts of national land records – the real estate offices and indices and indices, key terms, state and federal real estate laws and the court systems. Identify public vs, private rights.  Learn name searching. Post and follow a chain of title grantor/grantee indices or by legal description.

Jeanne Johnson - Online Real Estate Classes

 Title Exam for Title Insurers (Midwest)

This comprehensive course covers title exam from the perspective of a title underwriter or title agent. It discusses title searches for both residential and commercial properties and has the learner complete an examination of title from a detailed title search with an examiners worksheet and plat drawing with inspection.



Abstractor Exam Prep

The state exam for abstractors is extremely challenging, even for those with experience. Take this exam prep class to see if you are ready, or if you need to brush up and be current on new laws with our Abstracting, Searching, and Land Records Management class or our Reading and Drawing Legal Descriptions class.

Exam photo
 Salesperson Exam Prep 

The Salesperson Exam Prep class is mapped to the “Real Estate Exam Content Outline” provided by the state. It reviews content, and links directly to key statutes that are identified as test question statutes. Build your confidence and pass the  national and state tests with this class.

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