Jeanne Johnson - Online Real Estate ClassesThe settlement industry is moving to “independent contractors,” paying them simply on a per closing basis. It cuts the overhead, fixes the ups and downs in the staffing market (especially like the post-Covid roller-coaster with rate changes with people working from home, moving to the suburbs, remodeling their spaces.)  

Working with Independent Closers, lets you check each other out,  to see how you like each other. It really helps the budget for the hirer, who only pays when there is a settlement, and saves headaches at the end-of-the-month closings, and when inundated with refinances, home-equity lines, mortgage modifications, reverse mortgages for Sr’s, etc.   It helps the Closing Agent, who has a more flexible schedule in dealing with signers (nights, weekends needed), bringing in needed income, and allowing flexibility when dealing with children, parents and other life issues.

Getting the right closer is important. I’ve hired (and let go) more than a few. My focus was always first, on the personality of the closer- how they interact with the customers – we all know repeat business is king, and customers need to like their closer!  Second, are they absolutely committed to handling the paperwork correctly and on time. Signing, notarizing, recording, returning packages fast, all is critical.

Looking for MN Independent Contractor Closers? Try the Minnesota Land Title Association website, – a Job Board at the top can be a connection. Try ZipRecruiter, Monster, Glass Door, Snapdocs.  And, the MN Department of Commerce has a way to search licensed Closing Agents, by location, on their website. Got to> real Estate > Search Inquiry > Search licensees > License Type> Closing Agent > Type in a City, and it will give you names of people who have a Closing Agent License with the state – who does background checks, requires education, etc.

With the dramatic changes in the market, NOW IS THE TIME TO LOOK AT INDEPENDENT CLOSING AGENTS  – It’s a WIN for all!