Hello, my name is Jeanine W. Johnson.
Welcome to Landrecs.com

This Internet site has been designed for title insurance people, abstractors, title examiners, closers, managers and owners of title companies. I have over 30 years of experience and practical knowledge in the world of title insurance and real estate. I know what is important and recognize what is useful to you.

I learned the title industry with on-the-job training from a third generation county recorder and owner of an abstract and title company. I have since been a real estate closer, a real estate agent, a title examiner, title plant manager, manager of a large title agency, and vice president of a major title insurance underwriter, overseeing well over 100 title people who search title, examine title, close real estate transactions, and issue title insurance policies. I am now an educator and author on title issues.

In recent years, and with a passion for the title Industry, I saw a need for solid, practical, educational information for specific areas In the Title Insurance Industry. Landrecs.com is my answer to that need. I hope you’ll enjoy the cite site and come back many times. My best wishes to you, enjoy!

Why you should take these title courses

  • To obtain a solid understanding of the title industry
  • To better understand your national customers
  • For a better product with fewer errors
  • To learn specific topics in an easy to understand format from expert real estate title specialists and instructors
  • To prepare for licensing examinations
  • To meet continuing education requirements
  • To stay current on State and Federal laws and compliance issues
  • To learn practical applications and tips for title professional
  • To prepare for specific work or advancement in The Title Industry

We teach to different learning styles

Our goal is to provide reasonably priced title insurance education for all learning styles. I’ve spent a lot of time learning about adult education. I recognize that people learn differently, and it is critical for a learner to know their style, and for me to cater to that style. The primary learning styles that I use in my courses are verbal, kinesthetic, auditory, and visual. While there is no “better” learning style, most people have preferences and learn and retain information different ways. In addition, we use tricks and techniques for memory retention. Memory pegs, rhymes, location, pictures and jokes all help retention.

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