Hello, I’m Jeanne Johnson and I have over 10 years of current experience in the world of  real estate sales, and over 30 years in closing,  land titles, abstracting, title examination,  title insurance, land development, and new and used home sales.

In addition to investing a great deal of time and effort in all these areas, I have been an avid educator for many years, teaching and authoring real estate content for myself and others, including Dearborn Real Estate,  CE Network, 360 Training,  American Land Title Association, the Minnesota Land Title Association and others.  I am a Certified Distance Education Instructor and a Licensed Education Provider for the state.

While actively selling real estate, I saw the changes and issues in the industry from many perspectives.  With a passion for real estate, I saw a need to teach solid, practical, hands-on educational content so learners  would understand the process and pitfalls (along with passing state examinations!) This Online School is my answer to that need. I hope you find it very useful and my best wishes to you in your real estate careers, enjoy!

The Landrecs Story

I learned land records and real estate with on-the-job training from an amazing third generation county recorder and owner of  Dakota County Abstract and title company.  This was back in the days of paper title plants with microfilm documents and aperture cards, There, I  closed real estate sales,  examined titles,  worked with land developers, new construction, and tons of real estate agents. I learned to love real estate in all its forms!  I later went on to become vice-president of Old Republic National Title  overseeing more than 100 employees. But my hands on love of real estate led me to both selling real estate and teaching.

I am now an online educator for real estate salespersons,  closers, mobile notaries, title abstractors, county recorders and any others with the love of real estate.  I hope through these courses that you will learn useful and important information for your careers,  and thoroughly enjoy the ride in the ever-changing world of real estate.

-Jeanne Johnson