We all know the real estate business is cyclical. We need to hire one day, and then face the possibility of having to lay off. So why not make the most of your staff. Grow them to meet your needs.  Grow them to feel invested in the company. An investment in your staff’s futures is an investment in your organization.

 Top reasons why employees leave their company:

Lack of meaningful work. Does  your staff appreciate how important their job is impacting the lives of  your customers?

Importance of their job to the company.  Do your employees recognize the importance of their job in the big picture of providing quality products to the consumer?

Growth and Opportunity  Do they believe their employer is offering opportunity for growth and development?

So why spend the money for training?
1. To help your company fulfill future manpower needs.
2. To keep up with changing laws and rules that require people to consistently update their knowledge and skills
3. To help staff work with national companies, they need to know national laws and customs
4. For employee motivation and retention
5. For self-improvement and development
6. Someday we all want to retire and we need people to fill our shoes 🙂