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Thought leader and industry expert, Jeanne, shares important information regarding the real estate and title industries.

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The settlement industry is moving to "independent contractors," paying them simply on a per closing basis. It cuts the overhead, fixes the ups and downs in the staffing market (especially like the post-Covid roller-coaster with rate changes with people working from...

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Watering Hole Scam Targets Settlement Providers

Just like animals flock to a watering-hole for needed water, there are times we all flock to the internet for need resources. We’ve become conditioned to just go there, and click, and get what we need. The Watering Hole scam is an internet search trick, where...

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FAQ -Abstracting, Searching and Land Records Management Class

Abstracting, Searching and Land Records Management. An up-to-date resource for County Recorders, Abstractors and Title Searchers and all who work with land records. Update your resume and knowledge of the Land Title and Property Records industry or prepare for the state Abstractor Licensing Exam. Learn the duties of each of the Public Offices – Recorder, Treasurer, Auditor, Assessor, District Court, Federal Courts and municipalities and their critical roles in searching and maintaining legal rights to our most important resource – real estate.

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There are a number of  newly licensed closing agents out there, and I often get questions on how to make a good impression with a smooth closing. So here are my tips.  Remember, everyone in a mortgage closing wants a smooth signing. Mistakes, no matter how small, can...

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