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There are a number of  newly licensed closing agents out there, and I often get questions on how to make a good impression with a smooth closing. So here are my tips.  Remember, everyone in a mortgage closing wants a smooth signing. Mistakes, no matter how small, can...

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Is an Algorithm Less Racist Than a Loan Officer?

Digital mortgage platforms have the potential to reduce discrimination. But automated systems provide rich opportunities to perpetuate bias, too. Great article from the New York TimesNew York Times Article that discusses online lending, quickly taking hold in the...

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Don’t Think You’re Biased? Try This

Say out loud, as fast as you can, the COLOR of these words. See. Our unconscious bias for reading overtakes our conscious effort to identify color. Our unconscious color bias also overrides our sense of humanity. Many of us deny we have bias. With BLM, bias is center-stage and I hope it will stay center-stage until we will address it and make life equitable for all. We all need to be active anti-racists and support the BLM Cause.

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