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CFPB Announces New HMDA Tool

CFPB Regulatory Implementation Team Consumer Financial Protection Bureau The Bureau is pleased to announce the launch of the HMDA Check Digit Tool and Rate Spread Calculator. The CFPB provides the new Rate Spread Calculator for use with data collected in or after...

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Reimagining Land Records and GIS

An event, "Reimagine Land Records - Join the Conversation" orchestrated by the Legislative Committee of the Minnesota State Bar Association, Real Property Section, took place on October 20th. In attendance were an assortment of County Recorders and other County...

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CFPB Announces Beta Launch of new HMDA Platform

The CFPB is pleased to announce the beta launch of the new HMDA Platform. The main objective of the beta release is to provide financial institutions an opportunity to become familiar with the HMDA Platform and, in particular, determine whether their sample LAR data...

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Lender Sues Specialty Insurer for Cyberspace Crime

A California-based mortgage company hit its insurer with a lawsuit in a New York federal court Tuesday seeking to recoup under a $3 million policy "substantial" losses incurred when an impostor duped the mortgage lender into wiring money for a nonexistent transaction....

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E-Mortgage filing in North Carolina

Industry News, Technology update Thursday, August 10, 2017 North Carolina has been at the forefront of eMortgage and eClosing transactions, and Thursday saw the state at the center of another milestone. The state’s first eMortgage purchase transaction was completed...

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E-Recording Continues to Grow at Rapid Pace

Technology Thursday, August 10, 2017 Since the start of the second quarter, CSC has added 61 counties in 25 states to its eRecording network, the company announced. “By partnering with CSC, these counties and their clients will now enjoy the benefits of award-winning...

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