Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

CFPB is for ALL

Google has now added a dedicated Mortgage Explainer panel built-in with Google Search. In partnership with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Google Search has added a knowledge panel to provide useful and easy-to-explain US Mortgage processes. Mortgage-related information can be very difficult to understand and process for a normal user.

The addition of the Mortgage Explainer tool allows them to track mortgage-related information and queries in a more easy and convenient way.

House buyers have to make big decisions before finalizing a house. There are many questions and factors to consider – time, costs, rates, loans, and more. Google Trends in the US explains: What is a mortgage? What is PMI? Should I refinance? What is APR? What is escrow? as the most searched mortgage-related questions. Until now, they could search for exact answers to their questions. But now, the addition of this mortgage explainer puts another useful tool in

the shed.