A good article in a local newspaper  the Record-Bee reminds us that unfinished homes are a problem for communities and counties that want to collect unpaid fees. One county is working to create a public notice to make it easier for title companies, abstractors and buyers of the problems. It is difficult enough to search various locations for all the problems and unpaid fees in this time of heavy foreclosures, but especially on new construction. The recording of these problems and delinquencies in a prominent location is a wonderful idea that will help both the public and private sectors, and I hope it catches on.

LAKE COUNTY, CA The Lake County Community Development Department’s building division is proposing a measure that would address problems that arise when unfinished homes go into foreclosure…”What happens is that with the housing market the way it is, a lot of people just walk away from these homes. … this is something that will allow us to put notice on the public record …to make things more clear to the downstream person who gets the property,”