Expert Abstractors and Title Examiners Needed

I have had three contacts in the last couple of weeks where friends in the industry have reached out to find competent title abstractors and examiners. In one case it was searches for cell towers in Michigan, in another an expert witness for a complicated title indexing issue, and the third for a company that can’t find experienced, competent people for complex searches. They were looking at sending a team of “professionals” all over the country for those difficult searches that require serious expertise. Why is it that we are all fighting for $25 searches for the simple ones, when others, willing to pay can’t find experienced people. Think about that. Maybe we need to change our focus.

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  • We are interested in helping you in South Carolina.

  • Jeanne says:

    Thanks Smitty, Will keep it in mind. Right now am seeing abstractor in Huron County, MI. Will post on SOT and NALTEA also. Best to you. Jeanne

  • lcarter says:

    I happened upon a blog a few months ago. It began “Oh my GOD, I found a hand written TiTle Search with restrictions! Can anybody tell me where to get restrictions?”

    First,I laughed. Then after clicking on the attachment I found that it was one of my own searches.

    It left me wondering how this person is considered an abstractor and is she one of many. And now that the Court House Abstractors are gone, Who is teaching THEM.

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