An interesting case out of North Carolina. Orange County, No. Carolina has designated a PIN System (Property Identification Number) as the “official recording index.” In the case where two parcels were listed on a deed of trust, but only one PIN was listed on the DOT, the Court Ruled there was no constructive notice of the second parcel, even though the legal description and the names of the Grantors and Grantees were properly listed on the Deed of Trust. Therefore the typical rule that “if you can find it in the Grantor-Grantee Index, you have constructive notice” is out the window.

“…Because the deed of trust did not include the PIN for Tract I, it would not have appeared in any bona fide purchaser’s search for Tract I in the PIN Index. Requiring a bona fide purchaser to search the grantor/grantee index in addition to the PIN index would render the PIN Index superfluous and the North Carolina law adopting it meaningless.”

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