FAQ-How to Really Examine a Real Estate Title

Title Examination for Title Insurers

About our Class:

“Title Examination for Title Insurers” is a comprehensive, 24-hour, self-directed, hands-on course. It is designed for employees of title agents and underwriters and covers the nuts and bolts of examining title from Patent to the current date.

Course Content Includes:

  • Basics of real estate law
  • Estates, Tenancy, and Marital Rights
  • Types of Liens and Encumbrances, Name Searches
  • Following the Chain of Title
  • Common Interest Communities
  • Registered Land Examination
  • New Construction Issues when Insuring Title
  • Assembling and Using Tools –Surveys and Inspections, Purchase Agreements, Title Standards, Underwriter Guidelines, etc.

The course ends with a fairly complex examination to be completed with detailed answers as to what the answer should be. A great course for title searchers, abstractors, and examiners for a solid understanding of the industry.

Title Examination For Title Insurers Book