FAQ- A Deed Dive into Examining Real Estate Titles

Title Examination for Title Insurers

About our Class:

Real Estate Title Examination - for Professional Title Examiners and Insurers

“Title Examination for Title Insurers” is online 24/7 via computer, tablet or smart phone.

It is a comprehensive, 30-hour, self-directed, course, designed for those who want a clear understanding of how to examine title (employees of law firms, title agents and underwriters, utility companies, etc.)

It covers the nuts and bolts of examining title from Patent to the date, explains how to review title searches, inspections of property, affidavits, and takes a detailed look at various types of documents seen when examining title. What is required and what to look out for. It is an excellent supplement to those who abstract  and search land titles, closers and settlement agents, and those who examine and clear objections to land titles. 

Course Content Includes:

  • Basics of real estate law
  • Estates, Tenancy, and Marital Rights
  • Types of Liens and Encumbrances, Name Searches
  • Clearing Title Issues
  • Following the Chain of Title and Finding Missing Links
  • Common Interest Community Laws, Rules and Exceptions to Title
  • Registered Land Title Examination
  • New Construction Issues when Insuring Title
  • Issues with Foreclosures and Loan Modifications
  • Assembling and Using Tools – Worksheets for Examining Title, Use of Surveys and Inspections, Review of Purchase Agreements, Review of Title Standards, How to use Affidavits, Consideration of Underwriter Guidelines, and more.

The course ends with a fairly complex examination to be completed by the learner, with detailed answers. A great course for title searchers, abstractors, and examiners, paralegals, and all who work with title examination. It provides a solid understanding of the industry.

Title Examination For Title Insurers Book