FAQ – How to Become Licensed in MN as an Abstractor/Title Searcher

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County Recorders, Title Abstractors, Title Searchers and Property Records Managers

The updated course covers how to get an Abstractor;s License, including new Minnesota Laws, Title Standards, and Case Law affecting land titles issues for recorders and abstractors. It reviews all items identified by the state for the Minnesota State Abstractor Licensing Examination.  We include hyperlinks throughout the class that refer to legal terminology, state laws, and compliance issues.

This online course can be taken 24/7 by smart phone, tablet, or computer and will give you a Virtual Walk Through of all the Public Offices needed to do a thorough search of land titles – County Recorders, Registrars of Titles, Treasurers, Auditors, Assessors, Secretary of State, District Courts and Federal District Courts.

It gives examples of sample searches and provides  document copies as examples of issues. It explains Abstract and Registered land searches, reviews recordable form, and problems that are typically found when recording,  abstracting and searching. It describes the three legal indices required by the state in each County Recorder’s office and how they are used – the Numerical Register/Reception Book, Grantor-Grantee Indicies and the Tract Index. The course also discusses insurable title vs. marketable title and describes how to find links in the chain of title when documents appear to be missing. Using this course as a blueprint, you will be able to create a complete abstract of title from Federal Patent through the current posted date.

While Real Estate Laws do not change quickly, they DO change,  as do Title Standards, and Case Law. Even those with significant experience in the industry will find value. Don’t miss this updated class!

Content has been updated through December, 2021.

The typical student spends 30+ hours on this course.