Please watch the great 4-minute video by CNBC on Financial Literacy in America. It’s shocking that fewer than 57% of Americans, taking the Financial quiz, The Big Three, can answer the questions directly. We need to do a better job teaching basic skills like using a credit card, buying on credit, understanding interest rates, having a budget, saving for emergencies, planning for expenses. The vast majority of schools give NO financial education.  I remember as a teen getting “Home Economics”   – it was a sewing class, that I hated. I took French, English, Latin, Math – Trig, calculous,  Science, History, Geography, etc., etc., but never any courses on balancing a checkbook, taking out a loan, buying or renting a place to live. Financial literacy should be a required class for a high school degree.

Take the finance literacy test yourself. See if you can answer the questions. Can your children answer them? What about your grandchildren?

Take The Big Three Test Now.

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