The Remote Ink-Signed Notary Act Expired March 30th. Last October the MN House and Senate passed House File 15 allowing Remote Ink-signed Notarization. Generally that mean ta Notary could send documents to the signer/s and make an appointment to Identify the signers virtually, with appropriate ID identified on video. Notaries could walk signers through and watch the ink-signing of documents via audio-visual communication (smart phone, tablet or computer). The signers would then return the physically-signed documents to the notary who would add the notary’s  signature and seal.  No physical contact, just virtual contact.

Details as to RIN’s use and mechanics can be found at this link: HF15                                                                                               RIN allowed documents to be notarized via video conferencing including Zoom, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, etc. RIN Standards were much less stringent than the requirements of RON, but the RIN extention to March 30, 2021 has expired and is no longer an option.  Now, the Remote Online Notary Statute will presumably take over. or we will be back to Independent Signing Agent Closers returning to people’s homes for the signing and notarizing of loan documents until Covid subsists. At this time, RIN is legally out as an option, and RON is still in play, although not yet in common use.

Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac Comments:. See there statement here.