I thought I should JUST FIRE MYSELF because this is WAY TOO HARD.  I felt so INCOMPETENT with all these new rules, new laws, new organizations to satisfy (ARELLO, BCA, Commerce, Software Company, complying with the CFPB for secure online payments, etc.  etc. etc.) I thought I’d go crazy!

But, I am happy to announce the online closer course was recently approved by the national Association of Real Estate Licensing Law Officers (ARELLO.org) and is at the MN Department of Commerce for final approval.

It has been a challenge to meet all the new criteria required –

  • Obtaining the Certified Distance Education Instructor (CDEI) designation by taking courses and examinations re: online teaching techniques
  • Filling our a  30 page application for ARELLO approval including CV, bios, describing teaching techniques used in the online course, and a host of other requests.
  • Finding  two well-qualified learners to take the online course to time the 8 hour requirement, along with their resumes, affidavits, comments, etc.
  • Testing the quantity and quality of  questions used  on both quizzes and the Final Examination
  • Creating Affidavits for those taking the courses as to the final examination and proctoring
  • Going to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to prove I’m not a villainous scoundrel
  • Developing an entirely different course because there is a  new and totally different state required outline for the class
  • Submitting a roughly 50 page application for the department of Commerce including dozens of exhibits and affidavits
  • Learning a new Learning Management System to verify the time it takes to finish the class
  • Locating a company that complies with the CFPB standard on taking online payments and security issues
  • and about eight solid months of hard work.

But after being RELENTLESSLY STUBBORN, and NOT GIVING UP, I am at last able to take a deep breath.

Bottom line:  “Maybe I won’t fire myself after all.”