Passionate about land records and real estate? You’re in the right spot. In our courses you’ll discover solid, practical, hands-on educational content that provides expertise in land records, title plants, legal descriptions, abstracting, searching, and closing. Gain the perspective of national customers as you absorb an in depth knowledge within your chosen field.

Online Courses

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 Title Exam for Title Insurers (Midwest)


This comprehensive course covers title exam from government patent forward. It showcases the thirty and forty-year laws, along with exceptions that are particularly important when reviewing commercial properties.

Principles of Abstracting (National)


Learn the nuts and bolts of abstracting by gaining an in depth overview of estate law, public and private rights, while learning to deal with various types of legal descriptions.

Reading and Drawing Legal Descriptions


Learn to follow simple and complex legal descriptions on a survey or map. Draw metes and bounds legal descriptions from written text and identify possible gaps and overlaps. Recognize valid descriptions.

Principles of Abstracting (MN/ Midwest)


Gain a solid working knowledge of abstracting from patent to present. Search all the public offices and discover the ins and outs. This class features excellent preparation material for the state licensing examination!

 Principles of Closing (MN Pre-license)


This course includes 8 hours of course study, ability to print closing manual, final examination (requires proctor) and notification to MN Department of Commerce of Course Completion.

Prepare for Exams

Learn to retain key information to help you prepare and pass your licensing exams.

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Remain confident as you stay current on state and federal laws and compliance issues.

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Prepare for specific work or advance your career in the title insurance industry.