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Minnesota 8 Hour Prelicense Closer Course
Date: Monday, August 9th., 2010
8am – 5pm
Location:  Country Inn & Suites, St Paul, MN
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  1. Jeanne

    Hi Sue, It does seem unlikely that the judgment would be missed twice. Yes, it is possible that the judgment could have been entered late, or incorrectly, and then re-entered correctly. (The one and only judgment I ever had, was against a roofing contractor for my house, and it was entered in favor of him, and against me in error – it does happen.)

    Some people are obtaining written judgment from the court and they put the court searches in their abstracts, rather than do their own. As far as paying the judgment, you might offer to give an indemnity against it, saying you will handle(pay) the judgment if it goes into foreclosure (unlikely), or you could offer to write a title policy with a guarantee over the problem, if okay with your underwriter. Also, you didn’t give the name – are you sure it’s one in the same person? Maybe an affidavit would handle it.

    Good luck and let me know how it turns out!

    Jeanne Johnson

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