Real Estate titles are complex and very state specific. Underwriters have seasoned veterans who are in charge of underwriting for each respective state. Take for example
Tarrant County Texas:

Remember Jed Clampett? The “poor mountaineer barely kept his family fed. Then one day when shootin’ at a brood, up through the ground came a bubblin’ crude – oil that is, Texas tea…”

Do you own mineral rights to your land? That question may be crucial for people buying or selling land in Tarrant County, TX near the Barnett Shale gas field. It might be hard for most people to answer under new rules proposed by the Texas Insurance Department.

Mineral Rights can have tremendous value. In most states, insuring title to the land includes insuring the surface, subsurface (mineral rights) and air rights. Perhaps not so in Texas. Recently, title companies have quit insuring mineral rights on properties. The change has incensed some lawyers and left landowners in limbo if they own mineral rights.  Do you know how to search mineral rights?